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How Much Are You Worth?

Do you know how much you are worth?

The world says I’m worth $XXX because that is what my Assets – Liabilities equals.

The World says I’m worth $XXX because that is what my pay stub says.

The God of the universe says that I’m worth the blood of his sinless son Jesus Christ.

Remember that there are many things that the world passes on and tosses into antique shops.  Only to be found by someone that knows it’s true worth.  Is it’s worth what the person tossing it away says it is worth, or is it worth the amount that the one that finds it, cherishes it, restores it, and proudly displays it believes?

You are more valuable than that antique, you are an adopted son of the Most High God!  Paid for with the Blood of Jesus Christ.  That is your Value, That is your Worth.

Praise God!!!