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So Proud of My Wife

My wife is a tough lady.  She is a intelligent person.  She is a beautiful women.  She is my Hero.  She makes me a better person, she works day and night for our kids.  She is tenacious, compassionate, and so giving to those in need.  She is so talented and tonight she will be doing the release of her new CD in partnership with the other members of the Denton Worship Collective.  She has written two original songs for the event.  The first is the one that will be on the CD and the other is the one that she wrote for her best friend Lexi who died earlier this year.  Tonight she will play that song for the first time to an audience and I’m so proud of her.  She is brave, courageous, & strong.  She is my wife and tonight in the midst of a very difficult year she will sing praises to the Lord.  I’m so proud of my wife.  What an encouragement.