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Mission Control

Tonight I got to visit NASA and got to see how the space shuttle program and the space program in general “got off the ground”.  There was a ton of neat things to see, and to enjoy.  When you look at all the great ideas that people can come up with when they work together toward a common goal it is truly amazing.  Is it possible for us to be inspired by something more amazing than a trip to the moon?  Is it possible that humans could be so inspired by their creator that a trip to rejoin him in heaven would drive us to deliver His gospel to all people.  This is our Mission, this is our Goal.  We are being sent out into the great unknown with this mission.  We will get our strength through our God, we get our inspiration, and example from His Son Jesus Christ, we are lead by the Holy Spirit, and our Mission Control is His Word the Bible. Christians lets focus on the Mission.  Let’s let the Spirit use us.  Let’s be available for God to use us.  Let’s worship our Lord, lets give him the credit in our lives.  Remember folks going to the moon was pretty neat.  Going to Heaven, after raising from the dead to worship the creator of the universe….Well that’s all together something else.  That is a miracle that is given to each of us through grace from the love of our God.  Now that is a Mission worth working for.  How do we know this is our Mission?  Check out Acts Chapter 1 and see what Jesus asked His disciples to do.