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Good Friday 2017

14 years ago today I proposed to my wife on Good Friday I wanted it to be a great day in my life.  It was the first Good Friday that I was celebrating as a Born Again Believer in Christ, and it was going to be my final one as a single man.  Much had changed in that year in my life.  Many of my old friends stopped hanging out with me because of the changes in my life.  My life looked drastically different than it had just one year previous.  What happened?  The answer is found at the cross.  What did Jesus do for us on the cross?  He took away my sin, separated it from myself, declared me righteous,  I was adopted by His Father as a son of the Living God.  Satan could no longer hold me, bind me, and declare me his property.  Jesus love for me, melted away those chains and I became His.  I love Good Friday’s for two reasons, one is Jesus showed me love, and saved me from eternal torment in hell.  The second is my then girlfriend showed me love and trusted me with the rest of her life by saying yes.  If your out there reading this let me make one thing clear, it is much easier to trust Christ with the rest of your life than it is me.  So since I’m taken, and Jesus loves you just as much, perhaps you would consider giving your life over to Him this Easter.  He has paid the penalties of sin, and has loved you since the beginning.  Your sin separated you from Him, but His love will bring you home.  Trust in his love and have a great Good Friday.


1 Corinthians 15:21

1 Corinthians 15:21  “For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man”

For since death came through a man

Adam and Eve brought death to the world by disobeying God’s instruction.  Genesis 3 shows a grim reality that we all deal with (the fall).  We can’t change anything we have done in this life of ours.  We have followed Adam and Eve in this disobedience.  And “the wages of sin is death” Romans 3:23.  That’s right folks, our fathers brought sin to the world.  Don’t blame God, blame man.  What makes this worse is that we continued to not listen to God through the years and even after this first offense.  One could make the case that the heart of man is beyond change.  That it is beyond goodness.

Man decided to chase false gods, power, & greed.  We murder, steal, & lie to get what we want.  What we want in itself can be another form of idolatry.  Putting my wants above the Lord’s desire for my life.  The first man failed…

The resurrection of the dead comes also through a man.

But oh the sweet news of the Gospel.  God had a plan for us.  Knowing our hearts were bent away from His, He could have left us, He could have showed us his wrath.  But God chose LOVE to be His weapon of choice.  Instead of the stick God chose to embrace us, to adopt us.  Instead of declaring war against us He chose to make his Son a man.  A man…  Made in the image of God and fallen as sad a state that we were in, God chose LOVE.  This love was poured out on us in the form of the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Worthy is the Lamb of God, our Lord Jesus.  The Cross, His death was the death I deserve.  Not Him.  The Grave could not hold Jesus, Satan could not defeat Jesus, Death could not stop Jesus, Sin lost.  This Man/God/Christ/Savior succeeded.

How can we have this resurrection?

Believe in Jesus!  He Loves You.  He Desires Relationship with You.  Repent from your sins.

Lord forgive me of “what I want”.  Lord Forgive me of my sins.  My past can’t be changed but my future is in your hands.  I’m a new creation, I’m brand new, and I’m born again.  Through the Holy Spirit my eyes have been opened.  I can Love the Lord Jesus.  I can Love my neighbor.  I can learn to Love myself.  Outside of knowing Christ I had no clue what love was.  I can be healed of my afflictions.  I can be healed of my true disease which is my condition of Sin.  The cure for this condition is Jesus.  Lord thank you and all praise to you for giving your life for mine.  Thank you Lord Jesus for Easter.  Thank you for enduring the punishment that I deserved.  Help me to live my life as a living sacrifice.  Pushing all fame to you, and away from me.  Lead me from temptation, keep me from sin.  I having nothing to boast in if I can’t boast in Christ and the work He has done in me.  Lord, my positions is changed once and for all.  I’ve gone from sinner, & enemy of God; to saint, & adopted son of God.  Amazing!

Good Friday and Easter Sunday is the Greatest of all Events in History!  Thank you Jesus for the Grace and Mercy you cover us in.  Amazing!