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I pray that today humanity is healed from the disease of our time…Sin.  I pray that today humanity would not act so human, and conform to the likeness of Jesus Christ to act more Godly.  I pray that we would be a people that would forgive before we let anger take root and waste more of our lives.  Lord I pray that you would help me along with all others to fix our eyes on the big picture (Jesus), and off of the little picture (ourselves).  Lord heal our hearts, heal our lands, heal our minds, and our souls.  Jesus you have won victory at Calvary for all who believe,  Please bring more sheep into your flock today.  Without the Love of Christ we are broken, we need fixed, we need the healing power of the Trinity.  Holy Spirit change us, Father God help us, Jesus inspire us to live for you.  Lord I look around today and humanity looks so……human.  Help us to live the life you want for us, a divine life.




I’m Sorry

I’m sorry….

2 little words….But they have so much power.

Today I had to apologize to someone who I had not given grace to, that I had not given the benefit of the doubt to.  Someone I was not a big fan of.

I had kept bitterness in my heart.  And my heart was hurting.  How could I not forgive when Jesus has forgiven me for so much more, far worse, and the price he paid for this forgiveness was his very life.

Oh how arrogant and prideful I can be.  Lord forgive me.

But through the Holy Spirit working on my heart I was not only able to forgive, I realized my own sin and was lead to say….”I’m Sorry”

The situation turned out well and I believe the person I offended and I will move on in a much more loving relationship.  But Lord this is you that melt the wickedness off of my heart.  You are the ultimate cure that can reconcile men.

Oh the power of that…to see my own sin and confess it.  Lord thank you for showing me where I lack, so that I may bring you glory.  And today I believe you did receive glory because in an of myself I would not have said “I’m sorry”.  I needed you Lord, I needed courage to say I was wrong, humility to show my contrite heart.  Lord you gave me these things because you give to those who ask.  You gave me these things because me continuing to be self righteous is not good, and doesn’t bring you glory.  Father, I thank you for those two words and I’m sorry that it took me so long to be obedient to you in this situation.  I love you Lord Jesus and I’m thankful that I have forgiveness because of your love for man-kind.

Jesus you deserve all of my worship, help me to give it to you.  Help me to be humble, to love others more than myself.  Give me a pure heart.