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4/25/2017 Dale Jr. Retirement Day

In Dale Jr.’s second season he came out with his book about his rookie year Driver #8.  I had met some crazy Jr. Fans the day before at a Tony Stewart signing and they said they were going to the Jr. book signing the next day.  I told them I didn’t want to mess with that line it would be crazy.  I was going to go to the Bobby Labonte signing.  They told me if I could get them a Bobby Labonte photo signed they would save me a place in line for Jr.  I was like sure whatever, thinking that there would be about 1000 folks at the Jr. signing at least.  The next day I got the Labonte die-cast signed for me and the photo signed for them.  I showed up at the Jr. Book signing and they were number 20 in line.  The line went around all the stores in the shopping center around the target and around the back.  How did they get # 20 who knows.  The Barnes & Nobel folks said it was a book signing and that Dale would only sign our books so I had to leave my die-cast in the car.  I’m an experienced autograph hound though and I wouldn’t be denied an extra autograph or two if I could.  I set my book down on the table and the author signed the book (I was watching which page they each signed), then when Dale opened his page he saw 3 Dale Jr. Nascar cards.  He started laughing and said “what are these?  Bookmarks?” Then he signed all three cards and the book.  Classy Guy and a fun story.  Today Dale retired and I’m glad he did so that he can have some safe years with his wife.  Thanks for the memories Little e and thanks for the book marks!