So what is this blog about

Many of you know sports is one of my favorite things to talk about from listening to my podcast

However, sports is not really my favorite topic.  So this blog is intended for folks that want to get to know me and my real favorite topic, Jesus Christ!



This Blog is Dedicated to Christ who gives me air to breath, the provisions of food and shelter, and the ability to love others.   He is my Creator, my Savior, and my King.  And on no merit of my own I can call Him Father and I am his adopted son.

I also could not do this without knowing Christ and so I want to thank my wife for sharing the gospel with me back in 2002.  Kara has been a wonderful partner in life, and is the most inspiring person I know.

I also pray that my sons would read God’s words everyday, and make it a light before their path.   Seeing you each grow in your love of Christ is amazing.  Perhaps by reading this you will see how amazing God has been in my life.

With a Holy Love,



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Follower of Christ – Born Again in 2002

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