Oh The Father’s Love for Us

“O Lord you are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter; we are the work of your hands.” (Isaiah 64:8)

God the bible tells us that when we fear the Lord that this pleases you that you are happy when we see you with a right perspective.  And Lord you work in our hearts to create someone born of the spirit not the flesh.  And once we have started this transformation you are pleased to give us to your Son Jesus to Sheppard us.  Lord as you work on us we are the work of your hands.  Please help us all to see that what we are is a creation of God, who like the potter continues to shape the pot.  Lord help us to be like our creator not only Holy, but an abundance of love that over flows.  Like a father for their child please help us to learn early that it is better to give than to receive.  That it is more pleasing to show others love that to hoard belongings, and our time.  Lord help us to love the Lord our God, by loving our neighbors.  Help us to give mercy to the ones that need mercy.  Help us to correct those that need correction.  Help us to point those who don’t know you, to the cross.  God your Love is so great!  My life is a living testimony of a person who’s life has been transformed by your love.  Thank You God!  You are kind and gentle with me when I’m broken.  Your grace in my life is new everyday.

Share the Gospel


I want everyone out there to know that life is fleeting.  That we never know when our last day may be.  God has put you here for a purpose and that purpose is to know God and make Him be known.  Share the Gospel with someone today.  Push through your thoughts of not being good enough.  The truth is you were never good enough.  You needed the light of God placed in your heart just like all those that walk our streets lost today.  If you love God look for ways to share the truth of the Gospel.

Christ Died

For our Sins

He Rose from The Dead

He Conquered Death, Satan, and Sin!

We may have Everlasting Life if We Believe.

Share the love of Christ with someone soon.

Super Bowl The Big Game

Tonight is the Super Bowl, the big game.  Tonight we also got back in town after going to my wife’s best friends funeral.  I would like to point out that there is a bunch of pressure in football and in the Super Bowl as well.  But in the game of life there is never more pressure than how we love those whom we love.  You see life is the Big Game.  Many of us start off slow perhaps not ready for it.  Some of us think we are ready get cocky and have early turnovers, that we wish we could do over.   And some of us get close to the end zone only to fall short.

The women whose funeral we went to didn’t have any of those type of games.  Her game ended with her coach Jesus Christ saying “Well Done, good and Faithful servant.”  In the Big Game, the Game of Life she loved others, she loved her family, and she loved her Lord.

Now her big game is over and she is in the end zone and she is rejoicing with the Lord Jesus Christ.  But what about us our game is not over yet.  I’m hurt that much is true, my wife is devastated, and that hurts me even more.  The husband and the 4 children left behind are also in shock and are struggling to figure out day to day plans. So much pain the loss of this single lady has caused.

Like everyone else in life we have to take each day as they come.  We are not promised tomorrow.  We are hurting but we are still living.  We are down but we will get back up.  Not because we are strong enough, as we are learning daily we are not.  But by abiding in God he will heal our hearts and we will continue in His Name.

While we rejoice in Lexi’s home coming with her creator, we still mourn the loss of our friend.  We pray for those that are struggling, we support & help others as we take each day at a time.  We have had meals provided for us, dog sitting while out of town, house cleaned and groceries put in our fridge.  Why do we get these blessings from our friends.  Because they are Christians and when one of us is weak the rest of the flock being led by the father helps nudge the wounded back into the fold.

I don’t know who will win or lose the game tonight in Super Bowl 51, but I do know this, no Follower of Christ will ever lose the Big Game of Life because he has promised us ultimate  victory over sin, satan, and death.  He has provided us with his Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of our fellow believers.  This team will not quit, we will share the burden’s of others, and like 1 Corinthians says “Love Never Fails”.  And that is what we do, we Love.  And that is why my wife’s friend was so special she never failed to Love.   Our lives will forever be for the better because of that God given love.

God, in death and life you get the Glory!

Broken Heart

Today my 40’s began and it is with a broken heart that I write this.  A wonderful Godly woman went to be with the Lord today.  To many she was a friend, a mom, a sister, a daughter, but to my wife she was the closest thing I think two people can be.  To say they were best friends in an understatement, to say they were sisters is not strong enough.  They would joke about talking to each other without the use of phones or email.  They were dear Christian sisters that loved their children, made their husband’s better men, and made the lives around them a more joyful life when in their whereabouts.

My wife is heartbroken as she thinks of her friend, and her 4 small children (the oldest is 10).  I’m heartbroken thinking of her husband whom I love with all that I am.  My prayers are with you dear brother.  Through this pain there must be something, a purpose, a plan.  And while I don’t know what any of that is as I write this, I’m very familiar with the author.  And He does know the purpose and the plan, and I pray that we all pay attention to what He writes next.

There is nothing I can do to bring back my wife’s best friend.  There is no words to share with her to comfort her right now.   But God is good, He is in control, and we must trust His timing.  Yesterday I listed all the things that I was Blessed or grateful for that happened in my 30’s.  Today being the first day of my 40’s I can say God I’m thankful for Lexi, she was a sweet, sweet soul, a deep deep friend to my wife.  She made her smile when I could not, she could be a listening ear when I would only offer solutions.  In many ways my marriage is better and stronger because of her ability to listen to my wife and give her Godly advice when I was void of either.

Lord I’m thankful for the friend you gave my wife, I’m thankful for the friends that came to her side today to share this burden with us.  I am thankful for the friendships she will make on the other side of this event.  I’m thankful that Lexi is with you at this very moment.  Lord watch over my wife and keep her next to you and comfort her.  You are her best friend, her savior, and you are who I can trust to take care of her even more so than myself. God I pray that you give Lexi’s husband grace and wisdom as he continues his walk with you on this side of death.  Lord I pray for their children that they would see their mother’s love when they read their Bibles. God today was a tough tough day, but it was a day you made and so it was a good day.  We will just have to wait to see how You use it for that good.


Decade in Review

I turn 40 today and as I look forward to the rest of my life, it is hard to do so without looking back at the last 10 years to see what God has done.

God Blessed me with the first months of my first son’s life.

God Blessed me with my wife as we figured out how to be a parent

God Blessed me with a great job.

God Blessed me with new hobbies

God Blessed me with a second son.

God Blessed me with a third son.  (wow that came close together)

God Blessed me with parents that love, respect, and honor me and my wife

God Blessed me with paying off a home.

God Blessed me with new callings.

God Protected my wife when I could not.

God Blessed me with Siblings that love me.

God Blessed me with two parents that have celebrated 40 years of marriage.

God Blessed me with two in-laws that have celebrated 40 years of marriage.

God Blessed me with a deeper understanding of Mercy, Grace, Love, and Patience.

God Provided for my family.

God has opened the eyes of my sons to his love and mercy.

God Grew my faith.

God Healed my family.

God Blessed us with old friends and new ones.

God Cleansed my soul.

God Helped us to find a new church home.

God Brought us through pain.

God Gave us new ways to love

God Chiseled a little bit more of the old self in his work of making me a new creation.

God had brought our family through trials, disappointments and heart aches

God has brought us through peace, rest, and times of great joy.

God made me a better man.

God has spoken through me in love and has given me the words to say to others.

God has used me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many many people.

God Has Been There!  God Has Loved Me!  & God Will Continue To Love Me!

Not because I’m a great person, because I’m not,  but because God first loved me.

I don’t know if I have another 40 years, or if I have less than 40 days.

But I do know whatever the length of time I have left God will be there for me.  His Holy Spirit will be there with me, that my Savior Jesus Christ will dwell inside me, Because the only constant that I can see in my past decade of life is God.

God I give you my 40’s please do what you will.  I trust You to lead my path.

Trading Soles for Souls

Many years ago a young man decided that he was going to move to the big city to make something of himself.  He found work in the city to be hard to come by, though and had to humble himself to work out back of a family members store.  The young man was persistent, and eventually was allowed to sell shoes in the store.  He was very good at it and made a good living doing so.  There was one problem with this.  The more this man wanted to please God the more he was being pulled to a life of evangelism.  The young man had to make a choice between spending all day selling soles for customers feet, or spending each day sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to save lost souls from spending eternity without their creator.  The story is a very good one because the young uneducated country boy became one of the most successful Christian outreach stories of all time.  The story is the way God used a man named D.L. Moody.

Moody’s story is an incredible one, he became a preacher with no formal education.  He preached in Chicago during the civil war to soldiers in the Union.  Then he got permission to preach to prisoners of the civil war in jail.  Both sides needed a relationship with God.  He traveled the world and was concerned with nothing more than the Souls of men.  He opened schools for girls lacking funds for a “Christian Education”.  Started the Moody Bible Institute and tried to make Christian books cheaper and more affordable so that anyone could purchase them and read them.  The story of Moody is the story of a  life surrendered to God for the purpose of the kingdom of God.  It is  a really good story.

Follower of Christ – Born Again in 2002