One Day Closer


I know a couple of things about my life.  One it is going to end in this world.  Two I will be with you when it ends in this world.  The probability of me being closer to my time in heaven is exponentially increased with every passing second.  Lord I thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.  I appreciate your love for me even when I was your enemy.  I love that you conquered death for me.  I don’t know when the second coming will be but your father does.  Each day that ticks off means it is one day closer.  Lord if you take me home through death or I am raptured either way Lord, the only reason I’m ready is because on the cross you said “It is finished”.  You completed the perfect, sinless life that I could not.  You paid the debts I could not.  I proclaim you today because of all my shortcomings. If I could make it on my own that would be great but I fall short Lord, I’ve sinned and one sin is worthy of Hell.  I need your love, your sacrifice, your blood to have a shot at eternity with You.  Lord thank you for your mercies, your grace.  Without Christ I’m nothing, With Christ I Need Nothing.  I may not be in glory yet, but I’m one day closer.

Praise God!


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