Contentment in Circumstances

I’m not the world’s most content person, and I struggle like everyone else in this area.  But as I’m getting older and seeing things not always go my way, I still have a spirit of thankfulness toward God.  This comes from my contentment in circumstances. Is my life exactly like I thought it would be.  No in many ways it is much better, in many ways it is about what I thought, and in other ways it is much harder.  Knowing that God is in control helps me put into perspective my role in my life.  Knowing that I am His child through the blood of Jesus Christ gives me a hope.

Now don’t get get any of what I said above with where God has me right now.  Life is HARD.  Raising kids is hard, work is hard, being a good husband is hard, dying to self is HARD!!!! But the knowledge of my God and Savior doing all that they have done for me makes it easier to be content when things get hard.  When you want to give up don’t…God Loves You.  When you can’t walk another step…Do God Is With You.  When you can’t make it another day…He Will Sustain You.

This life is hard but one day Jesus will be back to bring us to His home where there is no more sin, heartbreak, or tears.  That day is coming so Christian find contentment in your circumstances no matter how hard life seems today.  We are so more blessed than those that don’t know God so we must always remember that.  Our circumstances help test our faith and produces perseverance.  Hang on Christian your Faith is growing.


New International Version
because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. -James 1:3


As I was writing this my wife just called with a car breaking down 45 minutes away with 3 kids so, I’m off to help her.  Thank you for today’s testing Lord, give me the strength.


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