Super Bowl The Big Game

Tonight is the Super Bowl, the big game.  Tonight we also got back in town after going to my wife’s best friends funeral.  I would like to point out that there is a bunch of pressure in football and in the Super Bowl as well.  But in the game of life there is never more pressure than how we love those whom we love.  You see life is the Big Game.  Many of us start off slow perhaps not ready for it.  Some of us think we are ready get cocky and have early turnovers, that we wish we could do over.   And some of us get close to the end zone only to fall short.

The women whose funeral we went to didn’t have any of those type of games.  Her game ended with her coach Jesus Christ saying “Well Done, good and Faithful servant.”  In the Big Game, the Game of Life she loved others, she loved her family, and she loved her Lord.

Now her big game is over and she is in the end zone and she is rejoicing with the Lord Jesus Christ.  But what about us our game is not over yet.  I’m hurt that much is true, my wife is devastated, and that hurts me even more.  The husband and the 4 children left behind are also in shock and are struggling to figure out day to day plans. So much pain the loss of this single lady has caused.

Like everyone else in life we have to take each day as they come.  We are not promised tomorrow.  We are hurting but we are still living.  We are down but we will get back up.  Not because we are strong enough, as we are learning daily we are not.  But by abiding in God he will heal our hearts and we will continue in His Name.

While we rejoice in Lexi’s home coming with her creator, we still mourn the loss of our friend.  We pray for those that are struggling, we support & help others as we take each day at a time.  We have had meals provided for us, dog sitting while out of town, house cleaned and groceries put in our fridge.  Why do we get these blessings from our friends.  Because they are Christians and when one of us is weak the rest of the flock being led by the father helps nudge the wounded back into the fold.

I don’t know who will win or lose the game tonight in Super Bowl 51, but I do know this, no Follower of Christ will ever lose the Big Game of Life because he has promised us ultimate  victory over sin, satan, and death.  He has provided us with his Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of our fellow believers.  This team will not quit, we will share the burden’s of others, and like 1 Corinthians says “Love Never Fails”.  And that is what we do, we Love.  And that is why my wife’s friend was so special she never failed to Love.   Our lives will forever be for the better because of that God given love.

God, in death and life you get the Glory!


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