Trading Soles for Souls

Many years ago a young man decided that he was going to move to the big city to make something of himself.  He found work in the city to be hard to come by, though and had to humble himself to work out back of a family members store.  The young man was persistent, and eventually was allowed to sell shoes in the store.  He was very good at it and made a good living doing so.  There was one problem with this.  The more this man wanted to please God the more he was being pulled to a life of evangelism.  The young man had to make a choice between spending all day selling soles for customers feet, or spending each day sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to save lost souls from spending eternity without their creator.  The story is a very good one because the young uneducated country boy became one of the most successful Christian outreach stories of all time.  The story is the way God used a man named D.L. Moody.

Moody’s story is an incredible one, he became a preacher with no formal education.  He preached in Chicago during the civil war to soldiers in the Union.  Then he got permission to preach to prisoners of the civil war in jail.  Both sides needed a relationship with God.  He traveled the world and was concerned with nothing more than the Souls of men.  He opened schools for girls lacking funds for a “Christian Education”.  Started the Moody Bible Institute and tried to make Christian books cheaper and more affordable so that anyone could purchase them and read them.  The story of Moody is the story of a  life surrendered to God for the purpose of the kingdom of God.  It is  a really good story.


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