C.S. Lewis and His Lion

I just finished an audio book about the life of C.S. Lewis, and his creative imagination.  Lewis created the wonderful world of Narnia with characters like Peter (a human boy), some talking Beavers, and Dragon.  The series of books called the Chronicles of Narnia have never gone out of print as they continue to be favorites of children and perhaps now adults around the world.

Lewis created one character in Narnia that sticks out from all the others, “the Great Lion” Aslan.  Aslan which means lion in the Turkish language reflects the love of Jesus Christ in the story of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.  In the story Lewis has 4 children board to death start a game of hide and seek.  One of the children goes into the wardrobe and ends up in the magical world of Narnia.  She hangs out with a fawn, and then has to go back home.  As she does her siblings don’t believe her story.  Eventually each of the 4 children go into the wardrobe and end up in a terrific adventure in this new world.

The youngest boy Edmond meets the White Witch and for the price of a Turkish Delight puts his family in great danger.  As you can see in Lewis’s account Edmond like Adam and Eve are deceived by a type of food.  The White Witch uses this to trap Edmond and so because of this he is her property. Much like we are the property of Satan as an unsaved sinner.  Edmond deserved his end, just as we deserve our place in hell.

Now enters the Hero Aslan makes a deal with the White Witch that he will give himself up as a substitution for Edmond.  The White Witch is so joyful as she has a much more desirable trophy than Edmond.  Later that night Aslan turns himself over to the White Witch and she and her evil army mocks him, cuts off his great mane, binds him, and finally kills him.  The substitution is complete and with the Lion gone the White Witch will rule Narnia forever.  If this sounds like the same plan that Satan had for Jesus Christ then you might be right.  However, we soon find out that Satan has no dominion over Christ on the third day Christ is raised just as He said He would (His plan not Satan’s).  Well Narnia is no different Aslan raises from the dead because of his innocent blood, the grave can’t hold him.  There is a great battle at the end and Aslan wins the day.

I loved the story of Narnia and the story of C.S. Lewis’s life.  But no story is greater than the Story of Christ overcoming the grave to give everlasting life to us sinners.  Not only did we not love God. Like Paul before his conversion many of us made fun of Christ following folks.  Friends, like Paul the Grace of God is poured out for you.  You to can know the Father, be saved by the Son, and be changed by the Spirit.  Believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Repent of your Sin, Love your Neighbor.  I believe that if C.S. was here today he would agree that the best stories always have a Lion, The Lion of Judah.

Revelation 5:5 “Behold The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David has Conquered.”


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