A Regular Talk with my son!

Today my oldest son asked why did I put all of my thoughts about God onto this blog.  I have a couple of answers.  The first is to Glorify God’s name and to let others that don’t know Him, know of Him.  The last answer is I won’t always be here for my sons, one day I will have to go and be with the Lord and they will be able to hear my views on items concerning the Lord on this site.  This blog post is going to be fun because my son wanted to ask me questions today that I won’t be able to answer when I’m gone.

Question 1 from my oldest son is actually a comment.  “I love you”.

Dad’s answer “I love you too buddy.  I am so proud of you and your brothers”.

Oldest Son: “What was my favorite animal at the zoo when you were a kid”.

Dad’s answer.  “a Tiger” they were so huge and strong looking

Oldest Son: My favorite is a wolf, a lone wolf

okay buddy last question it’s bed time.

Son:  What was your favorite day ever?

Dad’s answer:  That is a hard question.  I’ve had many good memories through the years.  Most of them had to do with baseball when I was a kid with my dad, or talking with my mom.  At a John Mayer concert I knew for the first time I was going to spend the rest of my life with your mother (that was two weeks into dating). 10 1/2 months later she became my wife, and that was a pretty great day.  Then we had these 3 incredible boys and each of their births was so special for different reasons.  God has blessed me with so many great days.  Since then I’ve had so many great days from playing “stone monster”, Risk, Basketball, hanging out at the creek, going fishing, and playing lego.  My life has been made special because of the people God has put in and around my life.  And so the best day of my life or my favorite day will always be a day in late August in 2002 when I became a Christian. I had no idea how great God was on that day or how he would change my life, but on that day my eternal destiny changed.  I had a new permanent address in heaven, and I had a Savior that could pay the price that I could not.  My life has been blessed beyond all measure my son, I’ve been very fortunate.  I also have another couple of favorite days one was when you became a Christian, and when your middle brother accepted Christ as well.  God is good.


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