Stay Close to the Flock

“He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms.” – Isaiah 40:11

A sheep has no natural defense.  It is completely dependent on it’s shepherd..  In modern times that would be a large dog or perhaps even a lama.  But back in the time of the Bible that would be a man.  Now I don’t speak sheep but if I did I would definitely pick a man over a dog or a lama as my protector.  Not only does man have the best brain to help think of ways to protect them, but they can use their hands to throw things, or use a rod to keep wolves back.

Christ loves us folks.  He is the shepherd that gives his flock living water and food that will last forever.  He carries us and protects us from sin, which is crouching lying in wait like a prowling lion.  God’s protection and his provisions for us are His gift to us.  It is His way of showing love to those that belong to Him.

Not only does Christ provide for us in this life, but He has provided for His sheep in the next life.  I’m a sinner and no matter how hard I try to love and obey Christ, I’m still a sinner.  There is nothing I can do to remove sinner from my resume.  It is something I’ve earned.  However, my Shepherd can do something and did do something when He died and took the punishment I deserved on the cross.  Then defeating Satan, Sin, and Death once and for all Jesus rose from the dead.

If you are reading this and want a since of belonging there is no safer place to dwell then in the Flock that is lead by Jesus.  That flock is known as the Church and He provides all we need.  He loves us with all His Supreme Being, He loved us literally to the death.  No man could do more for his friends.  Yet Christ, fully God did do more by humbling Himself to become a man.  There is no place safer for a sheep than beside their shepherd, and there is no shepherd more dedicated and loving than Jesus.

I beg all of you that don’t know Him to make an effort to get to know Him.  He is the Son of God, He is the Good Shepherd.


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