Call on the Name of Jesus


I hope that you are all having a nice time in your life where ever you may be.  I wanted to write on a topic that I believe we all need to do.

Call on the Name of Jesus!

He can save you!

He wants to save you!

He can change your life!

He can give you purpose!

He can deliver you from your sins!

He can take away your shame!

He is knocking on the door to your heart!

Folks let Him in.  Jesus is the Christ the one and only Son of God.

He alone can take away your sins.

He alone can provide mediation to God the Father.

Fire doesn’t purify folks, otherwise the Jews would have set branches on fire.

God designed it so that blood was needed for the remission of sins.   That is why they used a lambs blood.

Jesus is the final Lamb, the worthy Lamb, the Lamb of God.  His sacrifice on the cross is finished and it’s enough.  What more could you add?  Nothing would be seen as higher than the blood of the Son, of the Most High God our Father.

Call on His name!  Repent! Turn from your sin! Ask God to change the desires of your heart.  Become a new creation, with a new heart, one that is sealed with the Holy Spirit.

God I fear you and I love you.  I trust that you love us and that is why you are so patient.  But I also trust that you have given us humans many chances.  Lord I pray for my family and friends, I pray for my neighbors and enemies.  Lord I pray that I would forgive them, I pray that you would forgive them.  I pray that you would use me to influence them to love You God.  I pray that I would not hold past hurts against anyone.  Lord teach my heart to forgive so that I am not like the wicked slave that was forgiven his debt but wouldn’t show that same forgiveness to the ones that owed him.  Lord teach our wicked hearts to love.

Jesus I know You are God’s one and only Son.

I know that You love us.  I know that You love me.  Thank you for this Love.  God we are not worthy of such care, but I thank You that You love us and care for us so much.

Jesus I believe in You, I call on You to change our hearts to love and follow You.

Praise be to God!  In Jesus Mighty Name!





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