A Pure Heart

“God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God”. – Matthew 5:8

The problem with the heart of mankind is that it has learned how to get through life in an impure way through years of living in sin or around it.  The incredible thing about the heart of the Christian is that it can be changed by God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit.  This heart has the ability to love and be deceived.  The ability to discern or the ability to be hardened.  I am thankful that God is continually working on my heart and showing me where I’ve been wrong and on occasion where I’ve been right.  But more importantly when I’ve been wrong given me the courage and faith to make things right.  God gets the glory for this.  In my flesh I’m a fearful, and scared.  In Christ I am brave, even though it may take some time to get there.  God I pray that you would put in me a pure heart.  A heart that desires truth, a heart that loves you instead of self.  God I don’t know what the rest of today will have for me but I pray that I would have a pure heart.  I pray that I would want to glorify you and live in truth.  His Truth.  God I want to see you, continue to work and mold my heart to be more like Christ.


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