Genesis 1-3

This last week I’ve been reading Genesis with my sons.  They have really shown an interest in knowing how it all began.  How did God make us?  What were we made for?  What happened?  This short post is about what we have learned.

Genesis Chapter 1

In the Beginning there was God.  He has always been.  He is.  No if, and’s or but’s.

Everything God made was good.

Genesis Chapter 2

God made man.  Man was made out of dust.  God breathed life into his nostrils.

Without God we don’t have life.  This alone shows that He deserves our worship.

God made animals, God allowed man to name the animals.  There was no suitable helper for the man.  So God put the man to sleep and took out one of his ribs.  He formed woman out of his rib.  Adam awoke and said “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”.  God loved man and made him a suitable helper.  Again this alone shows that God deserves our worship.

Man now has life, a wife, food, animals, plants, water, an atmosphere with air, a light to rule the day (the sun), and night (the moon).  God is a friend, and provider and walks with them.

Genesis Chapter 3

God deserved our worship…..but

A serpent came to the woman and deceived her.  She took from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and ate.  She also gave it to her husband who was there.  The one rule God gave them they broke.  What was the promise of this sin, it was that they would be like God knowing good and evil.

God came walking through Eden looking for them and He asked where are you?  But Adam and Eve were hiding.  Why are you hiding?  because we are naked.  God asked, “who told you that you were naked?”  Did you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

The answer was yes. Man was guilty.  Man withdrew from God the one they should be worshiping and were found hiding.

We were made for worship, for relationship with God, and we chose separation.  We chose to have knowledge of good and evil like God at the cost of our obedience. God wrapped Adam and Eve in the skins from animals (blood is the only item that can cover our sins).  Then after providing that sacrifice God  removed mankind from Eden.  This was our lot in life as rebellion against our creator.  He deserved our worship He got so much less.

We deserved death for that was what God told Adam and Eve would happen if they ate of the tree.  Today we still deserve that same death as we are born into this race of sinners.  However, God had a plan, He had a permanent sacrifice for our new found condition at the end of Genesis 3.  He had  a Son, The Lamb of God, the Blood of the Most High which gives all that receive Him as Savior eternal life.  Again, God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Helper the Holy Spirit deserve our worship.  In the beginning there was a God that deserved man’s worship.  Today there is a God who deserves our worship.  The story of Genesis 1-3 is the story of man.  Let us put down our desire to run things and let the one best qualified do so.  Thank you God for the beauty of your creation, thank you for your provisions, thank you for Jesus!



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