Rough Weather

Tonight we had some rough weather at the house.  My oldest son gets very nervous about it when he hears tornadoes, hail, or lightning are on the way.  We got all the pets together and then got the kids situated in the houses safest room.   However doing all of this preparation didn’t take away his fear.

I’ve noticed in life we all have fears perhaps not weather related but we still have them just the same.  We feel like somethings about to happen and we don’t have control and so we fear what might happen or what could happen even before anything happens at all.

I would just like to encourage everyone and especially my son.   That no matter what happens even if it’s the very worst.  In Christ we have all that we need.  Rest in that.  Love that He is who He says He is.  The first time we had a tornado scare at our old house we climbed under a mattress in the hallway.  The house was tiny and if a tornado came it would have destroyed that little guy.  But we just sang Jesus Loves Me, and Trust and Obey over and over again.  What peace we had knowing that yes Jesus Loves Me, This I Know, Because the Bible Tells Us So.

You see relationship with Christ can be that simple with the faith of a child.  I think we try to make too much about head knowledge.  I know I have in the past.  What I really need is that child like faith.  And just trust and obey Him.  All circumstances out of my control are well out of my control.  Giving that part of my life to Him is both freeing and peaceful.

When you have rough weather in your life know that you have a friend in Jesus that is calling you to call on Him.  He loves you and just like with His Disciples in the boat, he has the authority to calm the storms in our lives both figurative and literal.


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