My Son The Preacher

The other night we had our home group over for dinner and fellowship.  It was a fun time and the adults all enjoyed spending time with one another listening to stories, supporting each other in their trials, and just being around brotherly and sisterly love.

My oldest son call home group a mini church from church.  So he decided to hold mini church from the mini church from the church.  What this really meant was he wanted to prepare a Bible study for the other kids that came over.  He told me that he did this the next morning at during breakfast.  Eager to hear what my 9 year old felt lead to teach, I asked him so what did you teach.  I fully expected to hear him say Noah, Moses, Joseph, David and Goliath, you know one of those timeless classics from the old testament.

He said, “I taught a parable”.  Now my curiosity was peaked.  What possible parable was my son going to preach and was he going to teach it well.  So I asked “What parable”  He replied, “The one about the lost sheep”.

He continued saying to me “the lost sheep is like us,  And when the good shepherd goes over and finds the sheep that is like how God finds us, Trapped in our sin.”  I asked “what?”.  He continued “yea dad the thicket (pointing to a children’s book) the sheep was caught in was his sin, it was keeping the goat from getting to his Shepherd, and he needed the shepherd to free him of his bondage.”

I love that my son loves to teach God’s word.  I love that I can already see how God uses him in the good works that my son walks through.  I love that God allows me to have these great heart conversations to help develop his love of Christ and his fellow man.  Christ again your mercies and love overwhelm me with joy.


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