Matthew 28:6 – He Has Risen

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter 2016!  What a verse we have today.

“He is not here”  – This means Jesus is not in the tomb.  He is not in his burial linens.  He is not where they thought He would be…

So the next question is what happened to Jesus?

God’s word says “He has risen” – This means He is walking among the living, He is no longer dead.  Death had no grip on Him.  He conquered the grave.

So how and why did this happen?

God’s word says “just as He said” this is how and why it happened.  God said it would happen.  Christ told the 12 He would rebuild this temple in 3 days.  It happened by the power of God so that Christ could reconcile a lost world of sinners back to the Father.  This was the Father’s plan all along.

So what should be man’s response to this news?

God’s word says “Come and see the place where he lay” – In other words come with us and see that the Christ is no longer there.  Pursue the truth.   That his word is true that this Christ did what he said could.  And that he did what he said He would.  He keeps his promise.  So our response to this good news is to come and see.  We should investigate the life of Christ, we should seek to know Him.  We should listen to His calling and accept His death on the cross as payment for our sins in full.  This in turn gives us eternal life.  And through this we will also be Risen!  Our response to Matthew 28:6 should be one of praise and thanksgiving.  I love you Jesus thank you for your death to wash me clean of my sins, and thank you for proving you are who you said you are giving us hope in your resurrection.  Through which we receive eternal life with our creator.





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