The Loss of Sin, The Gain of a Savior

I wanted to keep this entry short and sweet.  Over the next 40 days Christians celebrate the Easter season.  Many Christians give up something to reflect on what Christ had to give up for our sins.  We then come to the end of the season on Easter Sunday and rejoice on the fact that Christ has risen.  With the rise of Christ sin, death, and satan were destroyed for all time and no longer have power on those who believe.  Folks this is the good news of the gospel.  This is what we must believe to be born again.  The old self dies and we are risen with Christ, as we demonstrate at our baptism symbolically.

Over this Easter season I ask us all to reflect on a few questions.

Do I have sin?

Do I have a plan to get rid of my sin?

Is my plan one in which I have the ability to carry out?

Will my plan offend God since it is lacking His Son?

If I can’t save myself from my sin now what?

Should I consider Christ?

I tell you all please ask yourself these questions and think about it.  I believe that Christ the Son of God is not only a substitute for what I’ve earned which was God’s wrath, but that this perfect unblemished substitute wants to have fellowship with me and loves me and wants to show me my heavenly Father and present me as a son of the Most High.  What a Savior we have in Jesus!

Easter takes away the deadliest of all things (sin) and replaces it with the most life giving of all things our Savior.

If you ask me there is just no better holiday to celebrate than that of Easter Sunday.  What a day that must have been over 2000 years ago to see the look on Christ face as He triumphantly returned to his friends RISEN!



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