Super Bowl 50

America will be celebrating the one thing in our culture today that gets more attention than almost all other things.  The Super Bowl.  Not only is this the biggest sporting event each year in the United States but this year is the 50th anniversary of the first one.  This one is big.  It not only is historic from just that stand point but it may be the last game in historic career of my favorite football player and quite possibly the best QB of all time Peyton Manning.  Not to be out done Carolina will be starting the face of the NFL future in Cam Newton, who will be the MVP of the season.  Both Manning and Newton are 1 & 2 in paid advertisements so in a way this is the NFL’s two most marketable players.

With all of this I’m very excited and can’t wait to watch the game.  But please America remember this is a game.  This is just a game.   Christ over 2000 years ago came to earth in the form of man, lived a holy life without sin, and then died on the cross so that sinful people like me could be with Him forever in eternity.  He defeated Satan, Sin, Death, all in one day, the day of the cross.  This Super Bowl is big and it’s fun but at the end of the day compared to the cross the victory comes up empty, and meaningless.  Please sports fans I’m one of you and I struggle with the worship of teams and players.  We find our identity with our team, player, or sport.  While that is fine for fun and games may we all repent of taking it too seriously and giving it too much of our heart.

Lord I pray that today during Super Bowl 50 that you would change the hearts of millions of Americans.  That if the idol is football, the NFL, the Broncos or Panthers, a player like Manning or Newton, or even the half time show personality.  Lord I pray that we would use this day to glorify your name.  That we would reject the idols that will be present today.  That we would repent and turn toward you Lord Jesus to find our identity in.  Lord too many Sundays are filled with NFL, NASCAR, GOLF, FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, and all other sorts of idols.  Lord today I pray for the sports fan that we would leave or fandom of Christ at the door, and become followers of Christ instead.  Lord I pray this for my house and for my fellow sports fans.


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