Merry Christmas World

I just wanted to sit back and reflect on my King and His coming today.  Christ, who was the Word that was with the Father in the beginning became man….

Wow!  Think about that if you were and always were why would you do that?  It makes no sense.  You are where you are suppose to be yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  And yet because of our Sin, where we miss the mark Christ humbled Himself to become man.

What is man?  Well we are made from dirt and to dust we will return.  So why are we worth Christ leaving his place with the Father to come be a man.  The Bible tells us we were made in God’s image, and because of this we have worth to Him.  He doesn’t need us but He does love us.

Because of man’s sin we were unable to be with God in Heaven so we were eternally separated from Him.  But God had a plan, and Christmas is that plan.  It is the full out invasion of God’s Son on the sin of this world.  Christ birth the very thing we are celebrating is the first shot back from God.  Man took the first shot of course when we ate from the tree of knowledge in Eden.  This is God’s response……A Baby?

Yes a Baby!  This baby is fully man so He can be tempted but at the same time He is fully God so He can live the perfect life that us regular men and women could not.  So in this we celebrate Life, and Birth, and so one of the Christmas colors is Green for Life.  Not only the new born Kings life but the everlasting Life that He brings.

Remember in Genesis that after the sin of Adam & Eve God covered them in the blood sacrifice of animal skins.  The only covering of sin is blood.  But what blood could work to cover all sins?  How then do we get this everlasting life since we have sinned?  And that my friend is where the other Christmas color comes in Red.  Red is for the blood of Christ.  No this weapon of mass destruction on sin was not going to take it out in a bloody war.  Christ came to be the bloody war, the sacrifice, the full payment of my sins.  This is what Christmas is.  It is the rejoicing of God’s mercy to send His only Son to save man from his sins.  Only a perfect sacrifice would do and that is why it had to be done by God and His son.  Anything else would have been found lacking.

Friends we celebrate family and gifts at Christmas but lets not forget what Christmas really is.  It’s the sinners Declaration of Independence from Sin.  It is the call to war from heaven against men and their sin.  It is the answer to the world’s problems.  In a few months we will be celebrating Easter, the climatic end to the war where Christ is victor and through His work we can be assured of forgiveness of our sins.

If you don’t know Christ I ask you to look at Him today and thank Him for going to war for you, for completing the war for your soul.  The cost was great as He received much pain and death.  But He did it because you were worth it to Him.   Jesus Christ, born a baby many years ago in Bethleham is worthy of our praise.  He is the worthy Lamb of God who came to wash away the sins of the world.  He was victorious and He loves us.   How amazing is his grace, mercy, and love.  Rejoice in Him, love Him, Become a Follower of Him.  There is no other way, but Him.



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