The Book of Romans Chapter 5

The beauty of the cross is seen in chapter 5 when Paul discusses how one man (Adam) brought sin into the world.  And because of this we as humans are born a race of sinners.  However, through the cross sin is destroyed by one man (Jesus).  Our justification comes through the faith that Christ has given us, through Him, and Him alone do we have peace.  Not only has Christ given us our salvation, God has given us the Holy Spirit so that we may love Romans 5:5.  Amazingly God didn’t die for those that loved Him, He died for those that were enemy’s with God that sinned against His word.  And through this the Christian realizes how far God had to come to save us.  This death on the cross was no small act.  We would have a hard time dying for a good man or a good cause.  Christ death gave hope to a hopeless cause.  With out Him we would have no life: so we live for Him with love, joy, and commitment.  What we deserved was hell, what we got was love expressed in the most loving act in the history of man.  And that is why we worship Him because He is the rock we stand on, any other conclusion is just vanity.


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