Surrounding ourselves with Godly Friends

Today as I was preparing the Bible study for a group of college students in First Thessalonians chapter 3, I was reminded of the blessing our friends in Christ are. Paul states how he sent Timothy to strengthen and encourage the people of Thessalonica in their faith.  This is just one of the purposes of good friends.  In the last year the encouragement of God’s sons and daughters have helped me through many trials. Being a Christian in today’s world can be a struggle and we need to be close to the flock for reinforcements when our faith lacks or our flesh is weary.  For no other reason than the Shepherd is near the flock providing safety from the one that wants to devour us.  We are to sharpen each other, hold each other accountable, and help those that seem to be straying.  If we are not going to surround ourselves with Godly friends then what is the alternative?  Godless friends?  Having done college ministry for over 8 years I have seen many sheep wander into the pasture of the godless, and when they are there too long they are pounced on and devoured.  The pasture looks nice and inviting but it has many traps and snares lying in wait.  Stay with the flock and the Shepherd, not only are they there to protect you from Satan, but also from your own flesh as we see in today’s verse of the day.  Don’t make the mistake and lose your character because the pasture next door looks better.  Our character is under attack Christians…Finish well, good and faithful servants….finish well.

Verse Of The Day:1 Corinthians 15:33  “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 


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